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The Grimm House

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      The Grimm House was built in 1904 by the Rucker Brothers Lumber Company. It was built for middle-management mill workers such as millwrights and machinists. Paul Grimm, for whom the house was named, was a millwright who helped build the sawmill that was to be the foundation of the City of Lake Stevens. Later, Mr. Grimm was able to purchase the residence. The Grimm family resided in the house from 1904 to 1968, the date that Mrs. Grimm died. It was purchased by William Hawkins who rented the unit until 1986. It was given to the Lake Stevens Historical Society in 1987 by Mr. Hawkins with the idea that the house would be restored and refurbished to the era in which it was constructed. The house is divided into a kitchen, kitchenette, bathroom, pantry, two bedrooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. It also has a front porch and a dormer above the porch. This house is the only remaining house out of four (of this style) built by the Rucker Brothers for their employees. The Rucker brothers operated one of the largest sawmills in the United States on Lake Stevens from 1904 to 1926.

The first house in the row of four, center of photo, is the Grimm House built around 1903. It was one of several homes built for the Rucker middle management group. Paul Grimm was a master mechanic/ millwright superintendent at the mill. (circa 1920's)

Grimm House after new roof, shortly before it is moved from the corner of 20th Street N.E. and Main Street.

House being moved to it's current location across from the museum in June of 1996.

A delightful blog, "SnoCo Scout," that highlighted the Grimm House.

       DeeAnne Williams, Ken Williams, president, Anne Whitsell, vice-president, and Bob Grimm at dedication of the Grimm House. Ken and DeeAnne did much of the restoration of the inside of the house. Bob Grimm grew up in the house and provided the historical society with detailed information about what it looked like.

Program from the dedication of the Grimm House, May 2, 2004

Bertha Grimm (1877-1968) Paul Grimm (1875-1947)

Pictured right to left

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